Program Overview

The NYC Teaching Fellows are people like you - accountants, nurses, recent graduates, chief executives, secretaries, artists, reporters, and retirees - who have decided to change their lives and teach in the classrooms that need teachers most. The majority of Fellows enter the program with little or no teaching experience.

Having passed through a rigorous selection process and trained in an intensive pre-service program, these talented individuals are currently teaching in New York City's public schools. At the same time, each Fellow is pursuing his/her own education through a subsidized Master's degree program. Fellows also benefit from

  • A regular teacher's salary and benefits;
  • Ongoing support at the school level; and
  • A network of like-minded professionals committed to educational excellence for New York City's students.

Established in 2000, the NYC Teaching Fellows program has brought over 8,000 Fellows teaching in New York's public schools. The Fellowship upholds the conviction that teachers have the greatest influence on students' academic success. 

Application - The Fellowship is currently accepting applications to the June 2008 program. Apply now!


Admissions - NYCTF is highly selective. Overall, fewer than one in eight applicants will become a Fellow.


Job Search - It is the mission of the Teaching Fellows program to staff the areas with the highest need for teachers. As a result, all candidates should be prepared to teach wherever they are needed most. The NYC Teaching Fellows program will assign each Fellow to a subject area and borough. Fellows have the opportunity to express their preferences; however, subject area and borough assignments are driven primarily by school needs and by each Fellow's qualifications. The Fellowship works hard to facilitate Fellows' job searches, but it is ultimately the Fellow's responsibility to find a school-level teaching position in his/her assigned subject area and borough. 

High-need Subject Areas - NYCTF is especially dedicated to recruiting applicants eligible for and interested in teaching one of our high-need subject areas— including bilingual education, ESL, math, science, Spanish, and special education. Admission for a given subject area will depend on the anticipated needs of the schools. If you are interested in teaching one of our high-need subjects, we encourage you to apply.


There is a particularly acute need for qualified math and science teachers. To increase the pool of eligible teachers in these subjects, the Fellowship offers Math Immersion and Science Immersion programs to candidates with some experience in these areas. If you were a math or science major, you do not need to participate in Immersion in order to qualify to teach math or science. 

Pre-service Training - Pre-service training is a key aspect of the Teaching Fellows program, as well as a full-time commitment over six weeks. The Midyear program has two training sessions: one beginning September 24 and the second beginning in early December. Training for the Midyear program consists of two main components: 1) field placement work, during which Fellows observe and assist experienced New York City teachers in summer school classrooms, and 2) student achievement framework (SAF) sessions, during which Fellows learn key instructional design and classroom management skills from an experienced teacher. 

June 2008 Fellows will train for seven weeks over the summer. More information will be available in late fall.

Salary and Benefits - A Fellow earns the same salary and benefits as other New York City teachers once s/he begins teaching in a regular school-level teaching position. Currently, the starting salary for most first-year teachers is $42,512.

Subsidized Master's Degree Program - Each Fellow will matriculate in a subsidized Master's degree program that qualifies him/her for certification in the subject area s/he teaches. The Master's program takes two to three years to complete. Fellows are responsible for some portion of the cost of their Master's degrees to be paid over the course of two years in the form of automatic paycheck deductions. Midyear 2007-2008 Fellows will be responsible for $5,500 of the cost of his/her Master's degree.

Testing Requirements - All Fellows must take and pass the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST) and the appropriate Content Specialty Test (CST) before they can begin teaching. We encourage candidates to wait until they are accepted to the program to register for and take these tests, as the CST a Fellow is required to take corresponds to the subject area s/he is accepted to teach.

Midyear Fellows assigned to the first training session must take the tests on August 25, 2007, and they are responsible for all associated costs. Midyear Fellows assigned to the second training session should plan to take the exams on either August 25 or October 13, 2007.

More information about testing is available at

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