Master's Degree


One of the benefits of becoming a Teaching Fellow is enrollment in a subsidized Master's of Education program. The New York City Department of Education covers most of the costs of tuition and certification services (excluding books and materials) at a participating university. 

Teaching Fellows currently matriculate at several participating colleges and universities across New York City. A Fellow cannot choose which university s/he will attend.


The Master's program is tailored to accommodate Fellows' teaching schedules with classes during the evenings, as well as during the summer. The Master's degree takes two to three years to complete.


Fellows take a range of courses at their universities, including

  • History of Education
  • Teaching: Methods and Principles
  • Classroom Organization
  • Psychological Foundations of Education
  • Language, Literacy, and Educational Technology
  • Skillful Teaching: Strategies for Effective Instruction and Classroom Management

Fellows average two courses (six credits) per term. Each participating college or university will help its Fellows decide on the best strategy for completing the credits required for the Master's degree.


The NYC Department of Education takes its investment in Fellows’ continuing education and development very seriously, as reflected in its subsidy of the Master’s degree in education. Therefore, the Department of Education requires Fellows to teach in New York City public schools for the duration of their Master’s degree coursework (a period of two to three years). Fellows who leave the program early must pay back the amount paid on their behalf toward the Master’s degree.