Pre-service training is one of the most exciting—and demanding—elements of the Fellowship program. During pre-service training, Fellows meet other Fellows, NYC Teaching Fellows program staff, practicing teachers, and current students in New York City schools.


Pre-service training includes field work in New York City classrooms, student achievement framework (SAF) sessions focused on the practical aspects of teaching, and (for the June 2007 program) Master's degree coursework.


The pre-service training program consolidates a great deal of training time into only a few weeks; thus, training is extremely demanding. Due to strict New York State guidelines and the critical part training plays in the Teaching Fellows program, Fellows cannot miss any part of pre-service training.




Fellows have access to many sources of support. Some of this support will come directly from the Fellowship; however, once Fellows are teaching in their classrooms, their primary sources of support will be their schools, instructional regions, and universities.

Like all other new teachers, each Fellow is assigned a mentor from their Region who can model and coach in pedagogical methods. Fellows meet regularly with their mentors to receive and discuss feedback on their teaching. Please note that mentoring will be different for Fellows teaching in Empowerment school zones.

As part of their school communities, Fellows also take part in staff development opportunities, as well as workshops and professional development events.


In the Master's program, Fellows participate in a range of courses that help them develop the skills and understand the theories they need to help their students succeed in the classroom. A university field advisor also provides monthly classroom observations and feedback on teaching practices.  

The NYC Teaching Fellows program office seeks to keep Fellows connected and informed via periodic e-mails and the publication of a weekly e-newsletter, FellowBlast!